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 Choosing & Installing Your WordPress Theme

In this video I show you how to pick a free wordpress theme and how to install it. I also walk you through several ways to customize it.

If you want some more help with wordpress check out their “support codex” it has a bunch of tutorials.


Personal Blog/Website Examples

Here are 3 examples of personal blogs and websites to give you some inspiration. As you can see you can go from a simple “business card” style personal website all the way to a more complex blog with a lot of content. It’s up to you how far you want to take things. In my opinion, presenting at least a little content that shows your expertise and personality is the best way to go…

This a good example of a super simple “personal website”. It’s consists of just 3 pages but it gets the job done! (You should have a site like this at the very least in my opinion)

This is a great example of where your “Personal Blog” can get to. It’s also a slightly different style of blog as it’s both personal AND topical.

This is a great example of simple blog that really highlights the skills and personality of the owner.